Miya Biwi – Suryakant Sawhney & Surabhi Tandon

Founded & run by the husband-wife duo of Suryakant Sawhney & Surabhi Tandon, Miya Biwi is quite literally a marriage between the worlds of Surabhi’s career in documentary and non-fiction & musician / auteur, Suryakant.


Their groundbreaking approach to making films, melds fact and fiction and all that lies beyond. Be it, converting their wedding into a music video, or accidentally ending up in Mumbai on Diwali night and converting it into a campaign for a Sari brand. On their holidays, during marital disagreements and through it all, miya biwi are constantly ideating new forms of story telling and experimenting with unconventional approaches to cinema.


All of life is the pursuit towards creating art.


From working with haute-couture to sustainable luxury brands like Raw Mango and Forest Essentials to starring in and producing music videos for the Peter Cat Recording Co. to creating full length documentaries for European channels like Arte & DW, Miya Biwi are quickly becoming one of the most unique and self sufficient filmmaking duos in India, if not the world.


Raw Mango - Radha

Raw Mango - Heer

Forest Essentials

Ekaya - Banaras

Uniqlo India

Music Videos

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